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We guide in Venice Louisiana September through March.


The main species targeted World Class bull redfish but other fly fishing options early in the season include: 15 to 35 pound Jack Crevalle, 40 to 60 pound Black Drum, Barrier Island Sharks, Record size Triple Tail in the 18 to 30 pound range. Tarpon, Cobia, Bonita, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, False Albacore and Spanish and King Mackerel. 


Prime Venice Louisiana Bull Red Season is October, November, December, and January. I’m totally obsessed with chasing massive bull redfish this time of the year and suggest clients to book a year in advance to secure prime dates. 



The Empire, Buras-Triumph area of Plaquemines Parish Louisiana is a vast interconnected ecosystem of tangled short grass barrier islands and interior coastal marsh that hugs the Mississippi river on its course to the Gulf of Mexico. Small fingers of nutrient dense river water spill into the marsh on both side of the river mixing with the Gulf of Mexico resulting explosive growth of phytoplankton leading to massive populations of shrimp, oysters and fish. This is where I share an unbelievable fly fishing experience for large redfish. I’m a fly fishing guide and got turned onto the marsh when I was working as a volunteer in a shelter in Slidell Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. Ever since then I have been obsessed with fishing the marsh.

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