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Guided Saltwater Trips With Capt. Frank Praznik

OUVP / USGS Coast Guard License

General Liability Insurance

WE ONLY DO FULL DAY TRIPS. We're on the water at dawn and off when we can't see anymore. We will be sight casting for redfish in shallow water or looking for cruising tarpon depending on our location. Ice and water are provided. Feel free to bring any other food and beverages you desire.

Salt Water Rates: 

Full Day - $900 for 1 or 2 anglers 


A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date. Cancellation due to extreme weather conditions will be determined only when the safety of the client is at risk. In these cases, deposits will be refunded or held to reserve rescheduled date.


Non weather related cancellations require at least 72 hour notice. Cancellations within 72 hours result in full charge due for the charter.


World Class Refishing in Venice, Louisiana requires a 10wt rod and Trophy Tarpon in Florida requires 11 or 12 wt rod. We have all equipment that you may use. If this is your first time salt water fly fishing, please give me a call to discuss tackle. 



Flies are supplied by Capt. Frank, who ties all of his own flies based on the regional destinations and food sources. If you'd like to bring your own: salt water poppers, Clouser Minnows, Yank's Assassin - some with small brass eyes or chain eyes.  All of the EP series Peanut Butter flies are killer. Consult with Capt. Frank before your trip to discuss what flies are working best at the time of your trip.  

Other additional items:

Polarized sunglasses are a MUST! DO NOT GET ON THE BOAT WITHOUT THESE! Also, don't forget your fishing license in Lousiana, hat, moisture-wicking fishing shirt for sun protection. A buff, sun gloves, and sunscreen are also recommended. Please note that fall fishing for reds can get cold on the water so be prepared to bring warm clothes. 

Lousiana Fishing License:

Flordia Fishing License: Covered by Capt. Frank's Guide License - No need to buy

What To Expect: 

Lousiana redfishing in the fall we usually start around sunrise and we fish until we lose visibility. You can expect to be on the water for 8+ hours. Tarpon fishing in Florida can be even longer due to the season. 

Contact Capt. Frank Praznik with any questions.

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